After churning out blockbusters and getting the cash registers ringing over the years, The Satish Kaushik Entertainment will be producing more films annually. The company’s in-house team has been excelling with its upgraded technique, style, quality and performance. The brand has been, inarguably, alluring major distributors and exhibitors, satellite channels and licences. Besides ticking the funny bone, their movies also reflect the intricacies of society and aim at bringing about a revolution. With the aim of reaching out to multilingual audiences, The Satish Kaushik Entertainment will produce projects that showcase the society, and belong to diverse genres, including comedy, thriller, romance, action and more.The Satish Kaushik Entertainment motive is to make films with right budgets, high content, talent & music as power points

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mujhe zinda karo

Distant tear drop

Udhaan - marathi film

couch serve - web series

orgasmic diaries - web series